Serialize & Track CPG - Serialization Software For Consumer Packaged Goods

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Serialize & Track from ZPI assigns unique identifiers to consumer facing packaged goods and then provides the capability to locate and validate specific units of production anywhere in the distribution channel.

Serialize & Track CPG for consumer packaged goods is designed and configured to support the operations, quality assurance and brand management teams of brand owner manufacturers and co-packers.

The system is 100% hardware agnostic and it can be integrated into virtually any existing or new production line regardless of the equipment types, brands and models in the line. In operation it drives the serialized identification of every container, bundle, multi-pack, case and pallet produced on that line.

Serialize & Track CPG delivers the power and value of pharmaceutical style serialization in a cost effective system optimized for all types of retail packaged goods.

Serialize & Track CPG provides in-depth, real time support for:

  • Counterfeit goods identification
  • Diverted product identification
  • Gray market trading
  • Targeted product recalls
  • Real time reject & rework processes

Serialize & Track CPG includes an intuitive user interface to enable real time analysis and reporting on product related data. It can be seamlessly integrated with existing enterprise management software to ensure it satisfies all customer requirements.

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Serialize & Track - Retail Packaged Goods Highlights
  • Serialize & Track CPG is a software solution that drives the serialized identification of individual containers, bundles, multi-packs, cases and pallets.
  • Serialize & Track is 100% hardware independent which makes it compatible with a wide variety of types and brands of labeling, coding and vision equipment.
  • Serialize & Track embeds seamlessly into existing or new production equipment which ensures current production line performance and reliability are unaffected.
  • Seriailze & Track CPG software is routinely updated which helps add new capabilities as they are developed and allows manufacturers to access new features without investing in new hardware.
  • Serialize & Track implementations are 100% turnkey projects.
  • System provides real time, live dashboards to provide instant visibility into the current production process.
  • Serialized production data and information are managed and stored to provide accurate records of where and when each product transitioned through a production line and then into the supply chain.
  • Designed for flexibility, Serialize & Track allows serialized and non-serialized product to run on the same line.
  • Configurable profiles enable implementation of customer developed or international serialization standards including GS1 and SGTIN.
  • When commissioned, the system can feature customized display templates that include the customer's name and logo.
  • ZPI offers a variety of turnkey system implementation options to meet the diverse needs of customers in the packaged goods industry.
  • When a targeted product recall is required, Serialize & Track provides powerful product serialization benefits to manufacturers, distributors and retailers.
  • The ability to precisely target a product recall on impacted products completely eliminates mass, expensive, better-safe-than-sorry recalls.
  • Serialize & Track enables the fast, accurate identification of every unit, bundle, case or pallet of affected product within the supply chain which saves time, reduces costs and helps maintain customer facing inventories.
  • Serialize & Track can pay for itself by assisting with a single product recall.
  • The system can also provide 100% of the information required for targeted product recalls which ensures immediate and effective removal with confirmation of every targeted product.

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  • Serialize & Track is 100% compatible with a wide range of equipment types, brands and models. This means Serialize & Track can be added to existing production lines and implemented using existing equipment which reduces start-up costs.
  • Universal hardware compatibility means customers can continue to use their preferred equipment types, brands and machine models.
  • Hardware agnostic solutions make it easy to upgrade or replace individual line components when they become obsolete, damaged or undependable.
  • Hardware agnostic solutions also make it possible for customers to implement multi-brand hardware solutions that offer best-in-class technology for each line component.
  • Platform independence gives manufacturers the ability to upgrade their IT infrastructure and network hardware without disrupting the Serialize & Track system.

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Serialize & Track is a powerful multi-function tool that can help protect and even enhance brand equity. Its key capabilities help manufacturers, their distribution and retail partners, and most importantly consumers have confidence in the safety and authenticity of branded retail packaged goods.

Diverted Product Identification & Gray Market Trading

  • Serialize & Track can quickly and accurately identify the origin of diverted product found for sale by unauthorized retailers or resellers.
  • For manufacturers, this capability can assist the management of distribution channels by identifying retailers or channel partners that are in violation of contractual obligations.
  • In product diversion situations, Serialize & Track helps protect the interests of authorized retailers and resellers which ultimately enhances and protects brand equity.

Counterfeit Goods Identification

  • Serialize & Track can quickly and easily identify counterfeit goods anywhere within the distribution channel.
  • This information can be quickly communicated to distributors and retailers to help isolate and remove the fraudulent product.
  • This capability can help the supply chain avoid being defrauded by non-genuine product.
  • This capability can also help keep copycat goods from reaching consumers and damaging a brand's image.

Shrink Monitoring & Traceability

  • Serialize & Track’s traceability function can quickly identify and quantify saleable product that goes missing from inventory or decouples from the supply chain.
  • System enables manufacturers to accurately update distributors and retailers to help them avoid being defrauded by counterfeit goods
  • For manufacturers, Serialize & Track accelerates the process of identifying root causes and sources of shrink which lowers costs.
  • For distributors, Serialize & Track support from the manufacturer also accelerates the process of identifying root causes and sources of shrink for delivered product that does not go into inventory or is missing from inventory.

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When products need to be rejected and isolated, or when products need to be reworked, Serialize & Track can help simplify and accelerate corrective action plans.

  • Serialize & Track can lower the costs associated with scrapping unnecessarily rejected product by enabling fast, real-time segregation of out-of-specification product.
  • For cases of rejected product, Serialize & Track enables precise identification of good versus bad product, even identifying the exact location of the bad product in the case.
  • Serialize & Track is designed to maintain production speeds despite the occurrence of machine faults that could slow or stop production.
  • Impacted containers are accurately identified and rejected downstream where they can be reworked or returned to the production line as appropriate.
  • Serialize & Track is an ideal foundation for new and more efficient reject and rework processes that can lower both labor and scrap cost.

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ZPI along with ProMach offer a variety of turnkey implementation options for Serialize & Track.

In each of the following options, ZPI personnel are 100% responsible for the installation and commissioning of the system. We never use contractors and all ZPI personnel assisting with a turnkey installation are Serialize & Track experts.

Turnkey Serialize & Track implementation options include:

  • Installation on existing packaging lines and the existing equipment in them
  • Installation on existing packaging lines with a mixture of existing and new equipment
  • Installation and implementation on new packaging lines
  • Installation and implementation on new ProMach sourced turnkey packaging lines

With any of these turnkey options ZPI will be happy to source and include customer specified equipment.

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