Maintain & Predict Predictive Maintenance Software For Packaged Goods Production Equipment

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What if you could reduce downtime by preventing it? To quote one of the world's great innovators "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".

Preventing downtime is the sole mission of ZPI's innovative Maintain & Predict software system.

The system incorporates Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) with real time machine monitoring and performance feedback to help prevent major machine failures. Machine component monitoring inputs include temperature, vibration, motion and any other key operational variables.

Functional profiles for each machine provide baseline operating standards and when machine performance varies from its standards real time alerts are triggered. Think of this capability as an early warning system for potential issues that could lead to downtime events.

Recommended proactive machine maintenance schedules, useful life schedules for parts and components, and spare parts consumption are all integrated into the system. Maintain & Predict also maintains a historical record of all maintenance activities.

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Maintain & Predict Highlights
  • Recommended & Customer Defined Machine Operation MetricsAssures system is tracking all variables defined as critical by site or corporate users
  • Broad Machine Type, Manufacturer and Model CompatibilitySystem supports a virtually unlimited range of production equipment
  • Visibility On Upcoming Routine Maintenance, Major Repairs Or RebuildsSupports efficient use of maintenance resources, reduces unpleasant surprises and prevents unplanned downtime
  • Intuitive User InterfaceEasy to use navigation supported by high impact graphics and visualizations
  • Custom Machine Operating ProfilesEnables the system to take into account the age, condition and useful life of existing equipment
  • System Accessible From Any Location Using Any Device Capable Of Accessing The Site's NetworkTablets or smart phones at the machine, laptops at the line, Smart TVs on the plant floor, personal computers in the maintenance or plant manager's office; the system is readily accessible when and where you need it