Disclaimer & Privacy Policy

ZPI is committed to providing a barrier-free environment for our job applicants, employees, customers, suppliers, visitors and other stakeholders who enter our premises or access our information. As an organization we respect and uphold the requirements set forth under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (2005), Customer Service Standard, and the Integrated Accessibility Standards, Regulation for Information and Communication, Employment and Transportation, and for the Built Environment.

If you have any feedback regarding our accessibility policies or require information in an accessible format please contact us using the contact form below or by calling 1-800-493-3766.

ZPI Accessibility Policies and Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

This 2014-2021 accessibility plan outlines the policies and actions that ZPI will put in place to improve opportunities for people with disabilities.

Statement of Commitment

ZPI is committed to providing a barrier-free environment for our job applicants, employees, students, customers, suppliers, visitors, and other stakeholders who enter our premises, access our information, or use our transportation services. As an organization, we respect and uphold the requirements set forth under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (2005), Customer Service Standard, and the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation for Information and Communications, Employment, and Transportation, and eventually, for the Built Environment.

Customer Service Standard

ZPI has developed a separate policy to support its commitment to the AODA Customer Service Standard and will continue with that regulation.
ZPI Customer Service Standard Policy is available in an accessible format upon request, as outlined in that Policy.

ZPI has implemented training for their employees who deal with customers on their behalf and for those employees that are involved in the development of policies. ZPI has enhanced its onboarding and orientation program to include this training to its new employees.

Accessible Emergency Information

ZPI is committed to providing our customers and clients with publicly available emergency information in an accessible way upon request. We will also provide employees with disabilities with individualized emergency response information when necessary.


ZPI is in compliance with its training requirements under the IAS Regulation and on disability related obligations under the Ontario Human Rights Code, achieving accessibility by 2025 and the requirements of the standards: Information & Communication, Employment, Transportation and Design of Public Spaces as they apply to ZPI.

ZPI has enhanced its onboarding / orientation program to include training and will ensure all new employees receive the training required by Ontario’s IAS regulation as soon as is reasonably possible upon hire.

Information and Communication

ZPI is committed to meeting the communication needs of people with disabilities. We will consult with people with disabilities to determine their information and communication needs.

ZPI will work with individuals to make the web content accessible in some ways, such as large print. Prior to January 2, 2021 ZPI will ensure that its public website and web content will conform to WCAG 2.0 Level AA by contracting and instructing its web developer to use software that supports accessibility and complies with the requirements as stipulated in the Ministry’s guidelines for accessibility.

ZPI feedback processes are in place and are accessible to people with disabilities upon requires. ZPI customer feedback processes allow for multiple types of communication such as email, telephone or regular mail.

ZPI will take steps to make sure all publicly available information is made accessible upon request to the extent practicable by offering information verbally or in large print upon request.


ZPI is committed to fair and accessible employment practices that will endeavors to attract and retain employees with disabilities through all stages of the employment cycle. No later than January 1, 2016 ZPI will notify internal and external job applicants on its job postings that where needed and when requested, accommodations for disabilities will be provided to support their participation in all aspects of the recruitment process.

If a selected applicant requests an accommodation, ZPI will consult with the applicant and provide or arrange for the provision of a suitable accommodation in a manner which takes into account the applicants accessibility needs.

ZPI will information new and existing employees by email, and training of the policies for supporting employees with disabilities, including providing employment related accommodation for disabilities.

Where an employee with a disability so requests, ZPI will consult with the employee to provide or arrange for the provision of accessible formats and communication supports for information that is needed in order for the employee to perform his or her job and information that is generally available to all of its employees.

ZPI shall devise a process for accommodation that will include:

  • The manner in which an employee can participate in the development of their accommodation plan
  • How the employee is assessed on an individual basis
  • The manner in which ZPI can request an evaluation by an outside medical or other expert at its own expense to determine if and how accommodation can be achieved
  • The steps which ZPI will take to protect the privacy of the employee
  • The frequency in which the plan will be reviewed and updated
  • If denied, the reasons for the denial
  • If requested, accessible formats will be provided, and
  • Individualized workplace emergency response information, if required.

ZPI will have in place by January 1, 2016 a documented process and / or individual accommodation plan for supporting employees who return to work after being away for reasons related to their disabilities.

ZPI will ensure that our performance management process will take into account the accessibility needs of employees with disabilities by:

  • Reviewing the employee’s individual accommodation plan to understand their accommodation needs and determine if adjustments are required to improve the employee’s performance on the job
  • Having documents related to performance management in accessible formats, and
  • Providing informal and formal coaching and feedback in a manner which takes into account the employee’s disability

ZPI will provide career development and advancement opportunities that take into account the accessibility needs of their employees who have disabilities by reviewing their individual accommodation plan to learn what adjustments may be needed for the employee to take on new responsibilities or advancement opportunities.

ZPI will put the following procedures in place to prevent service disruptions to its accessible parts of its public spaces.

In the event of a service disruption we will notify the public of the service disruption and alternatives available.

For More Information

For more information on this accessibility plan and for accessible formats of this document we invite you to contact ZPI:

Human Resources Department
1185 North Service Road East
Oakville, Ontario, Canada L6H 1A7
Phone: 905-592-4600
email: ZPI@ProMachBuilt.com