Packaging Line OEE Audits & Improvement Plans

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ZPI and our sister company ZARPAC offer the most thorough, the most detailed and the most sophisticated Packaging Line OEE Audit & Improvement Plans in the industry.

No one else even comes close.

In a Packaging Line OEE Audit, ZPI or ZARPAC personnel come to your facility, set-up a temporary automatic data collection and analysis system, collect data, analyze the information, and identify root causes of the low Overall Equipment Effectiveness. Based on a thorough understanding of the root causes, our personnel then prepare a detailed plan to fix the problems.

We do all the work. Your team gets an action plan that when implemented will lead to improved OEE for your production line.

Our Packaging Line OEE Audits include real-time electronic collection of detailed production line performance data using the ZPI Monitor & Report system. This system is provided for the duration of the data collection process. Using the empirical data collected by the Monitor & Report system and the analytical tools it provides, we work with each customer to identify and understand line downtime and then determine what to do about it in order to optimize line performance.

This service is exclusively offered for existing packaged goods manufacturing lines and it offers real-world, cold-light-of-day looks at how lines run, why they run that way and what can be done to make a line run better.

This service is ideal for anyone that needs a fact based, comprehensive and objective assessment of the current OEE performance of a packaging line.

No opinions, no conventional wisdom, no arguments, no debates, just empirical data and a thorough analysis of that data. And best of all we deliver a detailed OEE Audit & Improvement Report that provides a roadmap for what to do about it.

This report includes detailed analyses of collected line data and on-site observations. The focus of the report is to identify issues negatively impacting OEE and to recommend solutions needed to meet long-term plant productivity requirements. Examples of what can be included are described below.

This description provides a quick overview of our Packaging Line OEE Audit & Improvement Plan service. There is much more to the service than is summarized here so we invite you to contact us for more details.

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What's Included? Examples Of Deliverables.
  • Line Performance AssessmentsIncludes calculations of OEE performance for all packages run on a production line and identifies primary sources of downtime.
  • Existing Equipment EvaluationsProfiles the performance of each machine in the line and identifies improvement options.
  • Changeover AnalysisMeasures true changeover times and identifies options to reduce changeover time.
  • Time and Motion StudyQuantifies and analyzes the time needed to execute repetitive tasks on the line.
  • Machine Research & Options AnalysisAnalyzes the potential OEE gains of replacing or upgrading existing problematic machines.
  • Follow-up Action PlanIncludes suggested production line improvements along with the OEE impact of implementing those improvements.
  • OEE Improvement Project Execution StrategyDetailed project plan that includes outlines project activities, phases, timing and sequencing along with the production impacts of those activities.
  • Customizable Content & DeliverablesThis list highlights examples of what can be included in our OEE line audits and improvement plans. We will be happy to customize project scope and deliverables to meet your unique requirements.

Here is a summary of how this service works:

  • ZPI provides on-site access to the ZPI Monitor & Report system.
  • The customer provides the latest copies of the PLC and HMI programs for each machine on the line equipped with a PLC or HMI.
  • The Monitor & Report system is configured to enable the collection and analysis of real-time production data for every piece of equipment in the packaging line being audited.
  • Throughout the duration of the OEE Audit the ZPI Monitor & Report system captures, aggregates and stores every signal from every piece of equipment in a production line, from inbound raw material handling to finished product palletizing. If something happens on a machine anywhere in the production line, ZPI Monitor & Report captures it and the audit team can analyze it.
  • When the Monitor & Report system goes live, data is captured for all scheduled production time for two to three months.
  • During the data collection portion of the audit, ZPI personnel will also personally observe the line in operation to identify production outliers or unusual line conditions.
  • At the conclusion of the data collection and observation process ZPI personnel will analyze the collected data and produce a comprehensive OEE Audit & Improvement Report.

To learn more about Packaging Line OEE Audits & Improvement Plans, please e-mail us at