About Us

In 1999 ZARPAC engineers in Oakville, ON developed software designed to help monitor and analyze packaging line performance. It was originally intended for internal ZARPAC use, but as customers became more familiar with the software and what it could do, the ZARPAC Performance Index, or ZPI for short, became a standalone software product.

The ZARPAC Performance Index, aka ZPI, quickly attracted new users solely via customer referrals and industry word of mouth, and over the last twenty years it has grown to become the leading software-based system dedicated to improving the operation, productivity and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of packaging lines and the equipment in them.

Rebranded as ZPI Monitor & Report in 2020, this constantly evolving software system is currently used in a wide range of industries including:

  • Not-from-concentrate juices
  • Carbonated beverages
  • Shelf-stable juices & juice drinks
  • Beer
  • Distilled Spirits
  • Ground coffee
  • Canned soups
  • Cookies & crackers
  • Confections & chocolates
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Automotive lubricants

In 2020, with the introduction of additional software applications and solutions, the organization that developed and supported ZPI software took the name ZPI Digital Intelligence.

This growing and strategically important business within ProMach now offers a suite of three software-based productivity solutions:

  • Monitor & Report (Formerly known as ZPI)
  • Serialize & Track (New!)
  • Maintain & Predict (Launching in late 2020)

ZPI provides information-based productivity solutions to packaged goods manufacturers around the world. From single location manufacturers to global Fortune 500 packaged goods manufacturers our systems provide customers the information needed to increase and maintain the efficiencies of their production processes.

Our highly trained and skilled team of engineers, systems analysts, programmers and project managers includes Six Sigma Black Belts & Green Belts with both broad and deep packaging industry experience.

ZPI’s team is 100% dedicated to the design, installation, training and support of ZPI systems in manufacturing sites around the globe. Their real-world packaging production line experience helps ensure that our systems deliver accurate, understandable, and actionable information to our users.

To learn more about ZPI software systems and solutions, please e-mail us at ZPI@ProMachBuilt.com. We look forward to learning more about your production processes and challenges.